Friday, July 11, 2014

Snapshot of Camp: Interview with the Swanson Family - Family Camp 2014

Snapshot of Camp
The Swanson Family Interview
Chuck, Faith, CJ and Andrew

Tell us who you are
We are the Swanson family and we are from Jenison, MI. I [Chuck] have interacted with Grace for around 10 years and we have been coming to Family Camp for about 4 years now. For all of us it is just a great time to get away and spend time together. It is also just a good time to get to relax and get to know the other families more each year.

How did you hear about Family Camp?
Chuck: Well through the years at Cornerstone University I have interacted with the Prudhomme family and four years ago they actually asked me to be a speaker at camp, so that was the first time I had ever heard about Summer Camp, and we came and stayed here and that was our first experience.

What have been some of your favorite activities from the week?
CJ and Andrew: I enjoyed playing carpet bowling, ping-pong, and riding bikes.
Chuck and Faith: We have really enjoyed the speaker this year and it has given us a chance to really connect as a family and get away from work. We have connected with what the speaker has been talking about. He has been really practical and speaking from his heart, which we have really enjoyed. We also like to get the chance to reconnect with all of the Grace staff.

What have you connected with what the speaker has talked about?
He has really been building along with his message all week but its about how do you deal with the brokenness, hurts, and pains in your life. He has done a wonderful job of how you need to grieve through things and express that pain, and in the process of learning how to lament, you learn how to forgive and to release that pain. It has been very practical and to the point rather than just saying "you need to learn to forgive."

What makes you come back to Grace year after year?
CJ and Andrew: Just to get away. Dad gets to get away from work and Mom gets to get away from her work. And it is a lot of fun!
Chuck and Faith: It is just a good time for us to spend time together as a family. One of the reasons we keep coming back is because it is such a good value for a very little investment. The food is wonderful, there are more activities than what we can do in a week, and we love to stay as a family.

What do you think of when you come to Grace Adventures?
Chuck and Faith: In my years of experience with the staff, it is quality. It is very professional. I love that you provide opportunities for feedback and you hire really great people. We love being here. It is also just fun. Everything that we do is just a wonderful experience for our entire family.

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