Friday, July 18, 2014

Snapshot of Camp: Interview with Katelyn - Ranch Speciality Camp

Snapshot of Camp
Katelyn Interview Ranch Specialty Camp

Who are you?
My name is Katelyn and I am at Trail Camp at Paradise Ranch.

How long have you been coming here and why did you come back?
This is my second year coming to Grace Adventures and I came back because I really enjoyed the relationship that I found with God and the horses and being around them. That experience is great!

What have you enjoyed this week?
I really enjoyed the singing and the worship band coming to our campfires. I am going to remember that for a really long time.

What is your favorite activity?
Definitely riding the horses.

What have you been learning at Trail Camp?
I feel like I have learned a lot while being here! I really like learning about how to pack my own horse and going through the steps of that if I ever wanted to camp by myself.

What have you been learning in Bible Studies?
Learning about Samson is very cool. I had never really studied the story of Samson and it is really awesome to see how God empowered him.

What has God been teaching you this week?
Since I have been here that God has been teaching me to be more open with people that I meet and become friends with. I think after this week I am going to try and make more friends and be more excited than I usually am.

What would you tell someone if they asked you about Paradise Ranch?
I would tell them that it is so much fun. You get to build a relationship with a horse as well as God and you get to make a ton of great friends.

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