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Snapshot of Camp: Interview with Patrick - Pathfinder June 15-20, 2014

Snapshot of Camp June 15-20, 2014
Pathfinder Interview: Patrick

Who are you?
My name is Patrick. I am from Twin Lakes, MI and I am 16 years old. This is my sixth summer coming to camp at Grace Adventures

Why did you want to come to camp?
I came to Pathfinders to try and get better leadership skills and to try and further my relationship with God. I have been really busy lately and I need to make more time for Jesus.

What keeps you coming back to camp after six years?
I really enjoy coming here. I love all the activities that we get to do and to meet new people. People are my type of thing.

What leadership skills have you learned so far?
The one that we have really been focusing on is communication skills. We have done a lot of activities with it like a Fire Mission where we were in a simulated fire and had work together and communicate well.

What has been your favorite activity so far?
Probably paintball. Paintball is one of my favorites. Besides this year, I have been doing paintball my last five years and have only been shot twice. So I am pretty proud of that.

What have the chapel times been teaching about?
We have been looking at the story of Sampson. It’s a really action packed story. I think it’s really cool and interesting.

What has God been teaching you through these chapels and small groups?
We have been relating the stories a lot to how we act against other peoples actions. We talked about how we should be the better person. Like if there is someone at our school that is not doing the right thing to us or anyone else, that we should be the better person and love our enemies.

What skills will you take home with you?

My communication skills have really changed and I have learned a lot. So I am going to go home and try to incorporate those with my real-life activities and doing stuff with other people. And my relationship with Christ. I am going to try and keep that going just as much as it was here. Even though I am busy, it’s important to make time for him.

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