Thursday, October 31, 2013

Renewed, Restored, Refreshed: Women's Retreat Recap

"I loved being treated like a lady and playing like a kid!"
Women's Retreat 1 Attendee

In 2009 there were 66. Just 4 years later in 2013, 585 women came to a Grace Adventures Women's Retreat weekend to be refreshed, restored, and renewed over 3 weekends. In this chart you can see how our numbers have grown. Numbers are exciting but what gets us even more excited is that each one of those 585 women represents one life and we believe that one life touched by God can change the world.

Blessed with exponential growth over 4 years!
Every sponsored program at Grace Adventures has a set of desired outcomes, the things that we plan, pray and prepare for. In the Women's Retreat those outcomes are: 
·         Refresh their spirit
·         Challenge them spiritually / Equip with tools to use in personal lives
·         Time to think about themselves and their relationship to God
·         Fellowship, build relationships, networking and FUN!

Powerful worship sessions

Each weekend kicked off with a Chocolate Extravaganza and goofy photobooth. Women have a choice of more activities than they can imagine including shooting guns, zipline, climbing tower, massages, horseback rides, volleyball, pontoon boat rides, spa treatments, bike riding and paintball. Each weekend featured workshop topics designed to challenge and encourage women where they are at in their lives. We were blessed with 3 incredible main speakers; Wendy Pope, Dr. RoseAnne Coleman, and Robyn Dykstra who shared stories of God at work in their lives and challenged the women to know Him more intimately. Of course everyone loved the incredible food and better yet, not having to wash dishes!

Parable of the Horse workshop
In the midst of the sessions, worship, activities and laughter there were moments of true community building. 
One lady attending the retreat had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was heading to receive her first chemotherapy treatments the day after the retreat. On Saturday afternoon the ladies from her church took a moment to gather and pray for her. The Women's Retreat was an opportunity for them to grow deeper in their relationships, wrap their arms around her in love and support one another. 

God moved in powerful ways with over 7 women committing their lives to Christ for the first time and many more making decisions to surrender to him and make changes in their lives. Our prayer is that the Women's Retreat would be an experience that lives on. 

To see more pictures visit our Facebook page. If you feel like you missed out, mark your calendar! The next Women's Retreats will be in September and October of 2014. 

Know a man or men's group that could benefit from this experience but with more meat, shooting and no nail polish? We will be running 2 Men's Retreat weekends in March, click here for more information.