Friday, July 19, 2013

Snapshot of Camp at Grace Adventures: Challenge Camp Interview with Ross July 14-19, 2013

Snapshot of Camp
Interview with Ross
July 14-19, 2013

What is your name and what camp are you at?
My name is Ross and I am part of Challenge Camp.

What has this week been like for you?
It has been a little bit challenging for all the activities we have been doing. Like in the Dune Wars and Ga-Ga, we have to learn the strategies of winning those games.

What has been your favorite part of the week?
The challenging parts of learning about the hard things in life, and that God can help you through that. He’s always going to be there even when you have those challenges and He will never give up on you.

What’s the best thing you learned about God this week?
The best thing I have learned is that God is always there and He will always forgive you. No matter what challenge you have, you can always talk to God about it and He will help you feel better.

Would you come back to Challenge?
I would. It had a bunch of fun activities, I made friends, and learned about God.

Would you recommend Challenge Camp to others?

I would recommend Challenge Camp. If they have any challenges or obstacles in their life, they can face it with God and really come closer to God.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Rocks

I love boulders, really large house sized rocks. The permanence, vastness, and immovable characteristics are fascinating to me. Plus, climbing thirty feet up on a massive rock is just plain fun. It also reveals my secret desire to climb Mt Everest. A $60,000 price tag and the possibility of dying, currently keep the desire from becoming reality. Priorities can be a lot like rocks.

Do you find it difficult to do everything needed in a day? The vast majority of us would say yes (I have seven children, so yes, yes, yes!). It is simple! Today's world contains more possibilities than are probable. Each one of us must make priority decisions every day, all day long. Do not feel guilty because you can not do it. Just make sure you know what to do first.

A common illustration can help make the point. If you have not seen this before, try it out. Take a group of rocks in 3 different sizes. It works best if the smallest group is sand. Then try putting the rocks in a container that will not hold all of them. Hint: If you place the same size rocks in at the same time, it will work best. There is one order of placing the rocks in the container by size that will fit the most rocks.

Verne Harnish from Gazelles,, suggests that you schedule one or two 90 minute chunks of your day to the most important priorities. Make it an appointment on your calendar to protect the time. Imagine 90 minutes of focused time to take care of the big rocks.

The next step is to identify the big rocks. There are many ways for an organization to do strategic planning. Find one that has been successful and use it. The key is to make sure individuals know how to connect their daily/weekly activities to the priorities of the organization. Gazelles has what they call the Rockefeller Habits. This is one that works.

I find that a 10-15 minute time of focused, uninterrupted time at the beginning of each day (remember seven kids) is helpful to order my priorities for the day. Do not let the sand slip through the glass each day without moving the big rocks.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Snapshot of Camp at Grace Adventures: Interview with Avery - Rustic Warriors July 7-12, 2013

Snapshot of Camp

Interview with Avery
July 7-12, 2013

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Avery and I am from Muskegon, MI.

How long have you been coming to camp?
This is my third year at Rustic Warrior.

What has been your favorite thing about this week?
Mainly the connection with God, meeting new friends, meeting the counselors and being around people your age and having a good time.

How have you been connecting to God this week?
I have connecting to God through our Bible study and I pray and just really try to think about getting closer to God and focusing and not getting distracted.

What was your favorite activity this week?
My favorite activity was probably Ga-Ga. Ga-Ga is really fun! And it’s a good game for everyone.

What do you think about your counselors?
The counselors are pretty much awesome. They are really funny and have a good sense of humor and they know how to cheer us up if we are down.

In your words, what is a Godly man?
In my words, I think a godly man is someone who respects life and someone who devotes himself all to God. He hands himself over to God because he feels comfortable with that.

What’s the biggest thing you are going to take home from this week?
I think the biggest thing is just live your life and be yourself. Don’t try to copy people and just be yourself.

Anything else you want to say?

Since I have been coming here, I realize that Grace is a really great camp for becoming a leader. I think it could help anyone that comes here to become more of a leader and a man.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snapshot of Camp at Grace Adventures: Family Camp Interview with Melinda and Pat

Snapshot of Camp
Interview with Melinda and Pat
Family Camp June 30-July 5, 2013

What are your names and where are you from?
Our names are Pat and Melinda. We also have two boys, Justin(15) and Trevor(8). We are from Ionia, MI and we are attending Family Camp.

How long have you been coming here?
We have been coming to Family Camp for three years.

Why did you come back this year?
Well we asked our kids this spring, what do you guys want to do for a summer vacation? And they both answered unanimously that they wanted to go back to Grace Adventures Family Camp. They have a great time. They love paintball, the waterfront, Ga-Ga, and they love meeting and making new friends here.

What is your favorite activity at Family Camp?
Melinda: I like the beachfront. My kids can play while I read a book and relax. The kids like the tubing and the Battle Barge.
Pat: I like the paintball. Normally me and my son come up and play paintball and it’s just a good bonding activity for us.

Why do you like to come to Family Camp?
The reason we like coming the most is that it is so relaxing. We can come and just spend time with our family, meet other Christian families, and just pray and worship God together. And there is no TV, there’s no computer (unless you bring your own), and you just unplug and get to reconnect. It’s a lot of fun.

How have you seen your family come closer together through Family Camp?
Praying becomes easier. We pray more together as a family. We are just able to interact better and in a fun way.

What are a few words that you think of when you come to Grace Adventures?
Pat: The first thing I think of when I step on the grounds is relaxation. I feel at ease. It feels like a home away from home.
Melinda: I think of it as a little piece of heaven. All of us here, worshiping God, playing, having fun. It is awesome!

What is your impression of the Staff?
It has been our impression of the staff that they love being here. They seem to work well together and get along as friends. It seems like it would be a good place to work. They love God and they love each other.

What impact do you see on your family after Family Camp?
The impact that I see is that we are closer. Stress doesn't seem to bother us as much and we just get along better as a family.

What makes you want to come back to Grace every year?

We just know that it’s going to be another good year. We know that we are going to be able to relax and kick back. The nice thing about Grace is that there are a ton of activities to do. You can choose to do them all or you can do nothing and still have a good time. It just depends on what you feel like doing that year or that day. I love that, my husband and I, are able to hang together and just relax. We just know that it is going to be fun and I can’t wait to see the old families and meet the new families.