Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Be a Hero

Do you want to be a hero? I do.
I love walking into my house after work. My 2 yr-old son runs to meet me (almost every day) and wants to be picked up and hugged. I can see in his eyes - I am his hero. I know it won't last, I know as a teenager (and probably sooner), he will disagree with my parenting. But hey, let me enjoy the feeling while it lasts.
He loves his mom. He especially loves his grandpa. But no one is even close to being Dad in his world. I hate to brag, but I am on top. No one else measures up. If he is sick or scared, he looks for his hero: Dad.
I love that feeling. Being the hero.
Our program team here at Grace is planning our summer theme for 2011. We are leaning toward a "hero" direction. We know everyone loves a good story (whether book, movie or message) because we identify with a character. All of us long to make a difference, to be known, to be respected, to be appreciated.
Here's the cool thing: God is our hero. He has rescued us from evil, eternity in hell with the villain, Satan. Jesus has died, risen and is exalted. God however, wants us to do heroic things. The twist here is that God definition of a hero is a humble servant. Someone who gives and sacrifices allowing others to get the glory, the attention, the admiration, and the fame. But in so doing gains fulfillment (not necessarily happiness), and true joy.
Do get me wrong, we will get accolades and rewards, we just need to wait for heaven.
So if you are tired, worn, or frustrated. Don't give up, keep serving, giving, and sacrificing, because in God's eyes you are being a HERO!

Monday, December 14, 2009

News Flash, Cigarettes taste bad

I was reading this morning when I stumbled across this gem. Sometimes I don't know what to write about but the news websites make it easy.
Apparently in an effort to reduce smoking related house fires the State of Michigan has joined 48 other states in regulating how cigarettes are made. Now they have three rings that reduce the flow of oxygen so an unattended to cigarette will extinguish much quicker.
However this little engineering marvel is not without unintended consequences. Just ask Ashley May.

"Ashley May, a 22-year-old smoker from Roseville, told The Detroit News that the fire-safe smokes taste foul and are hard to keep lit.

"I don't like them," she said after a drag from a Kool. "You have to constantly puff on them every 30 seconds or else they're going out. And then when you try to re-light them, they taste horrible.""

And there you have it. Cigarettes taste horrible. No need to test this one out let's take Ashley's word for it. I'm very glad she cleared that one up for me. I was sitting around yesterday with Kendra looking for a desert to snack on and I almost chose a cigarette as a tasty treat. Now I know that they taste bad because of these new rings.

I'm glad I settled on Kendra's home made turtle cheesecake and cookie dough ice cream. It was probably just as bad for my health but that's another post.